Dhat / Dhant Treatment Punjab

Dhat Treatment Punjab

When a person pass urine, the notices drops may ooze out either at the initial or ending stage of urine. These drops looks a little thicker and just sort of some white stuff which seems quite sticky. This may be semen or may be substances. It is a sexual disorder which can promote various sexual and other weaknesses hence it requires treatment to avoid further threat to sexual and overall health of a male. It is sign of sexual weakness.

Treatment:- The only aim of dr. Gaurav Rattan world best sex specialist and his team is to improve the married life of couples and their sexsual relationship. We ensure to provide Worlds best trestment to provide worlds best treatment to our patients by using worlds best herbs a rare and precious medicine like Gold
Couples can be rest assured that their identity will never be disclose. your privacy is our priority so be feel safe and secure and ask all your doubts and sexual performance without any hesitation.

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