Early Discharge Treatment

Early Discharge Treatment

Discharging while sex or before sex is known as early discharge i.e. low time period. Due to this disease his female partner don’t get satisfied. This result in un happy married life and the female partner does not want to live or she deceives such a person who can not satisfied his partner because every female has a dream of having a strong & youthful life partner.

Health problems: If you have a medical concern that causes you to feel anxious during sex, such as a heart problem, you may have an increased likelihood of hurrying to ejaculate.
Certain medications: Rarely, drugs that influence the action of chemical messengers in the brain (psychotropic) may cause premature ejaculation.
Over sensitiveness: Caused by a combination of an oversensitive glans penis (or head of the penis), and nervousness or performance anxiety during lovemaking.

In some cases, Early Discharge may be caused by poor communication between partners or a poor understanding of the differences between male and female sexual functioning. Women typically require more prolonged stimulation than men do to reach orgasm, and this difference can cause sexual resentment between partners and add pressure to sexual encounters. For many men, feeling pressure during sexual intercourse increases the risk of Early Discharge.
Open communication between sexual partners, as well as a willingness to try a variety of approaches to help both partners achieve satisfaction, can help reduce conflict and performance anxiety. If you’re not satisfied with your sexual relationship, talk with your partner about your concerns. Try to approach the topic in a loving way and to avoid blaming your partner for your dissatisfaction.

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